Welcome to your OT Cybersecurity Self-Assessment Tool

Introduction to the tool

This tool is designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the manufacturing, oil and gas, aviation, maritime, and rail industries assess their current level of operational cybersecurity and identify potential gaps in their security measures.

The tool is comprised of nine sections, covering a wide range of cybersecurity topics, including:

  • Concept and principles of OT cybersecurity
  • Benefits and challenges for OT cybersecurity implementation
  • OT cybersecurity risk management
  • OT cybersecurity basics
  • Open-source tools
  • Network security and diagnostics
  • Security controls for OT assets
  • Cyber threats and vulnerabilities
  • Business resilience

Before you begin the self-assessment, please:

  • Make sure that you are authorized to represent your company and answer the questions on their behalf.
  • Gather any relevant information that you may need, such as your company’s cybersecurity policies and procedures, risk assessments, and incident response plans.
  • Be prepared to spend approximately 30 minutes completing the self-assessment.

To complete the self-assessment, please answer the questions in each section as honestly and accurately as possible. The questions are designed to assess your company’s current cybersecurity posture and identify any areas where you may need to improve.

Once you have completed the self-assessment, you will see the results that will show you how your company performed in each section. Alongside the results, you will receive recommended materials that can help in improving your company’s cybersecurity posture.