FH Joanneum – University of Applied Sciences, is one of Austria’s leading universities of applied sciences, committed to stimulating innovation through R&D in order to meet sustainability goals and societal needs in line with the principle from idea to implementation. They provide around 4000 students with a high quality education in their six departments: Applied Computer Sciences; Engineering; Building, Energy & Society; Health Studies; Management; and Media & Design. As a driver of innovation in the science region of Styria.

Offers an exciting working environment at the interface between teaching, research and further education. Concerning IT FH JOANNEUM is responsible of 6 ICT degree programs on Bachelor and Master level in the fields of business informatics, technical informatics, software engineering, IT-law and IT- security. By cooperating with businesses and institutions in the public and private sectors there is create huge experience of handling different technical, economic and design requirements in different frameworks, including economic, policy and social ones.



TOURNIS SYMVOULEFTIKI EE is a consulting firm covering essential business and one of our partners that needs in the areas of Business Resilience, Governance, Risk & Compliance Management, Incident & Crisis Management, Business Continuity Management, Information Security and Privacy Management.

SIGMA utilizes globally established Methodologies and Best Practices, customized to each Client’s (and Project’s) specific business & operational individualities and responding to the majority of international & national standards, regulations and legislations, or individual customer policies.

Based in European Union, SIGMA delivers its high-value services and solutions to Corporate and Government Organizations in Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East, covering all business sectors and industries such as Banks, Telecoms, Technology firms, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Health, Insurance, Stock Exchanges, Lottery, Retail, Wholesales, Automotive Industries et al.

SIGMA is a proud business partner of world-leading organizations in the areas of its interests and is an active member in ongoing research and innovation programs of EU.



PCX Computers & Information Systems Ltd is a Cypriot SME, with high expertise in applying innovative technology solutions in education. It was established in 1998 in the beginning of educational reformation due to Technology and World Wide Web development.

As an ICT consulting company, PCX has the capacity and the knowledge to promote the benefits of the application of ICT solutions and the adoption of digital solutions at enterprise and educational level.

Its core business is focused on 3 main lines of expertise: 1) Consulting & Advising: Highly specialized services to support SMEs development; 2) Education & Training: Innovative training methods and tools, training materials and contents’ production on different areas of business development; 3) Specialised software development and web designing and development.

ASSET is an Agency of the Chamber of commerce of Basilicata. It is a body governed by public law that has no commercial purposes but aims to propose and carry out services and projects able to set up an economic ecosystem helpful for the start-up, development and improvement of local businesses.



Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is the biggest association of entrepreneurs in Latvia uniting 6000 members – micro, small, medium and large enterprises of all regions and industries, associations, city business clubs and other unions of entrepreneurs. Association represents interests of entrepreneurs, as well as provides services, so that Latvia has excellent enterprises in an excellent business environment. Main sectors of its activities are business environment, competitiveness of enterprises, export.